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Academic Platform

Academic Platform

Prof. Ravit Helled (Leader), Prof. Maria Schönbächler (Deputy Leader), Platform Coordinator, contact:

The NCCR PlanetS is committed to the active promotion of diversity and inclusion. PlanetS supports diversity-friendly and inclusive research, teaching, studies, and administration. The NCCR PlanetS is committed to creating an environment in which everyone feels included, valued, and can flourish. The NCCR PlanetS does not tolerate racism, harassment and discrimination of all kinds. The NCCR PlanetS follows the codes of conduct and research integrity statements of the institutions involved.



Advancement of Women Researchers / EO


Advancement of Young Researchers

Prof. Maria Schönbächler Prof. Ravit Helled

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SNF Flexibility Grant (download application here)

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PlanetS Doctoral Network:

Inter-project and external-project Workshops and Meetings

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Equal Opportunity activities

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Virtual PlanetS Researchers’ Seminar (you must be logged in)

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Diversity / Inclusion

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Expert Exchange

Visiting Scholars Program

JUnior Researchers’ Assembly (JURA):





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Links for getting help at each of the NCCR PlanetS universities

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