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Equal Opportunity Events

June 2021, online

Lunch talk with Dr. Nilima Chowdhury with results from research project about gender equity and well-being at PlanetS, see presentation here (you must be logged in.)

December 2018 & June 2019, Bern

For the first time, we organised a 2-day workshop for our senior scientists on ‘Leadership – and Conflict Management’ to ensure a supportive work environment at PlanetS.

Christian Bachmann  held a very informative and useful session with our Professors and Senior Scientists:


January 2018  General Assembly, Grindelwald

Tomas Brage held a very inspiring and informative talk about ‘What does gender have to do with Physics’.


January 2017  General Assembly workshop, Grindelwald

Olga Vinogradova presented a workshop for PlanetS members on ‘Stereotypes’. The slides are available here.

July 23, 11am, ETH Honggerberg,

Presentation and discussion by Prof. Daryl Haggard of Amherst University, USA.

Daryl spoke about the concept of intersectionality, the idea that we each belong to many different groups and that some of those give us privilege. She asked the people attending to think about which of their groups gave them privilege and which did not. Being multiply privileged does not mean you did not work hard to get to where you are, it means that people with less privileges, who worked just as hard as you, probably wouldn’t have made it. The discussion that followed gave the audience a chance to talk about these ideas and ask questions.

Download (PDF, 1.5MB)

January 25, 2016, at PlanetS General Assembly in Grindelwald.

Monday afternoon of the General Assembly was set aside for 3 different workshops, one of which was on an Equal Opportunities theme – Implicit Bias. Our facilitator for this 45 min. workshop was Jérome Oguey, who spoke about sex vs. gender, the traits that people associate with feminine and masculine, and the way brains acquire biased thoughts (both helpful and unhelpful). His presentation is available below.

Download (PDF, 713KB)


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