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Phase 2

The research carried out within PlanetS is structured in three research domains and their projects covering all aspects of planet formation and evolution. They take advantage of all infrastructures (ground and/or space), at all relevant wavelengths, and combine their information with laboratory analyses and theoretical modelling. In the pooling of resources and expertise synergy is created and new possibilities become available. The projects add to the existing research carried out in the different research groups across the country leading to a coherent national effort in providing a complete picture of planet formation and evolution.


Research domains


Bonus: Frontiers in Habitability

Assessing habitability

Project 4.1

Characterisation of bio-markers using spectro-polarimetry

A. Pommerol, UBE <br> B.-O. Demory, UBE

Project 4.2

Observational signatures of habitability

S. Quanz, ETHZ <br> C. Lovis, UGE

Project 4.3

Habitability under primordial atmospheres

C.Mordasini, UBE <br> R: Helled, UZH


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