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PlanetS General Assembly 6

27/01/2020 - 29/01/2020

The 6th NCCR PlanetS General Assembly will take place at the Eurotel Montreux on  January 27-29, 2020.
All NCCR members and associates are invited to join.
External members only by invitation by a PI and at their own cost.


Eurotel Montreux
Grand-Rue 81
CH-1820 Montreux Suisse

0041 (0)21 966 22 22

Registration / Important Dates

15.11.2019, Registration opens
15.12.2019, Registration closes
27.01.2020, Start General Assembly
29.01.2020, End General Assembly
29.01.2020, Board meeting #21


CANCELLATION POLICY: Please note that your registration for the General Assembly is binding. If you cannot attend or have any changes, please inform Valentina Sankolli no later than end of December 2019. If you fail to cancel within this deadline, the costs will be charged to you by invoice sent to the address you have indicated in the registration form.

Cost coverage

NCCR members
The NCCR Head office will cover accommodation and travel expenses for all NCCR members and for the Advisory board.
– Accocmodation/meals: Your registration will be forwarded to the hotel. The costs for the hotel will be charged directly to the NCCR.
– Travel: claim the reimbursement of your travel costs at your home institution, where collective invoices for reimbursement will be issued to the NCCR Head office in Bern.

Associates are invited to attend the General Assembly, but have to be funded on local level (NCCR local project budget or any non-NCCR funding).
– Accomodation/meals: Your registration will be forwarded to the hotel. For the hotel invoice, please verify with your supervisor to which billing address these costs have to be charged. In addition, for Associates of UniBE, please indicate the respective REF-No.
– Travel: claim the reimbursement of your travel costs at your home institution.

Please consider that the estimated cost for someone staying for the entire duration of the GA (without travels to/from Montreux) is around CHF 765.00/person.

Not sure if you are an Associate? Check your status here:


Hotel room per person/per night (incl. breakfast/visitor’s tax) CHF 165.00.
– Check-in: from 3pm. Luggage can be stored in a luggage room.
– Check-out: until midday. Luggage can be stored in a luggage room.

Costs for children:
Baby cot are free of charge
6-12 years old: supplement of CHF 50.00 per night
In some rooms is possible to add a third bed at the rate of CHF 70.00 per night.

Prolong your stay:
If you would like to spend the days before/after the GA at the hotel at your own cost, you can benefit from the same special rates. Please indicate the reservation in the registration form and note that these costs have to be paid directly at the hotel.

Access plan

Access by train
A 3-minute walk from the station/gare, Montreux is well connected to the train network. From Geneva is one hour, from Bern 1h30 and from Zürich is 2h40 away.

• Train Reservation
We have made reservations especially for those who have indicated that they will arrive by public transportation with the recommended connection.
The reserved seats are usually reserved in the front or the rear portions of the train and they are labelled “NCCR PlanetS”.
This is only a reservation, please buy a corresponding ticket. Check  under before taking the train and listen out for loudspeaker announcements at the station, platforms could change.

Access by car

From Geneva, follow the Highway/Autoroute A1 to Lausanne, and then the A12 to Montreux. Travelers from Basel or Zurich should take the Highway/Autobahn A1 until Bern and then change to the A12 via Fribourg to Montreux.
Eurotel has a small garage. The parking space is at the rate of CHF 25.00 per car per night.


[Last update 26.01.2020]

Download (PDF, 141KB)


Leisure Activity

Wellness in the Hotel



Prof. Stéphane Udry,
Co-Director NCCR PlanetS
Observatoire Astronomique de l’Université de Genève

PD Dr. Yann Alibert,
Scientific Officer
NCCR PlanetS, University of Bern


Valentina Sankolli,
Project Assistant
NCCR PlanetS, University of Bern

Participant list

[Last update 24.01.2020]

Afram Nadine – Universität Zürich
Alei Eleonora – ETH Zürich
Alesina Fabien – Université de Genève
Alibert Yann – Universität Bern
Allart Romain – Université de Genève
Angerhausen Daniel – Universität Bern
Auclair-Desrotour Pierre – Universität Bern
Ballantyne Harry – Universität Bern
Barbato Domenico – Unviersité de Genève
Benz Willy – Universität Bern
Berrebi Luciana – Université de Genève
Blind Nicolas – Université de Genève
Blum Sylviane – Universität Bern
Bodénan Jean-David – ETH/Universität Zürich
Boehle Anna – ETH Zürich
Bolmont Emeline – Université de Genève
Bouchy François – Université de Genève
Bourrier Vincent – University of Geneva
Bower Dan – Universität Bern
Bratschi Pierre – Université de Genève
Brügger Natacha – Unviversität Bern
Buchschacher Nicolas – Universitét de Genève
Burgener Frick Myriam – Université de Genève
Burn Remo – Universität Bern
Burnier Julien – Université de Genève
Busemann Henner – ETH Zürich
Calibrasi Marco – Universität Zürich
Capelo Holly – Universitä Bern
Celga Healther – Université de Genève
Cesarsky Catherine – CEA France
Chau Alice – Universität Zürich
Costa Franca – Unviersité de Genève
Cretignier Michael – Université de Genève
Cugno Gabriele – ETH Zürich
Delisle Jean-Baptiste – Université de Genève
Demory Brice-Oliver – Universität Bern
Dos Santos Leonardo – Université de Genève
Drozdovskaya Maria – Universität Bern
Dumusque Xavier – Université de Genève
Ege Yesim – Universität Bern
Ehrenreich David – Université de Genève
Emsenhuber Alexandre – University of Arizona
Engler Natalia – ETH Zürich
Fontanive Clémence – Universität Bern
Frey Jonas – Universität Bern
Gerig Selina Barbara – Universität Bern
Glauser Adrian – ETH Zürich
Grieves Nolan – Université de Genève
Guidi Greta – ETH Zürich
Guzman Andrea – Unversität Bern
Hagelberg Janis – Université de Genève
Hakim Kaustubh – Universität Bern
Haldemann Jonas – Universität Bern
Hands Thomas – Universität Zürich
Hara Nathan – Université de Genève
Helled Ravit – Universität Zürich
Heng Kevin – Universität Bern
Hoeijmakers Jens – Universität Bern
Hoffmann Jan – Universität Bern
Hooton Matthew – Universität Bern
Jungo Janine – Unviersität Bern
Jutzi Martin – Universität Bern
Kadlag Yogita – Unviersität Bern
Keufer Caroline – ETH Zürich
Kühn Jonas – Universität Bern
Kulterer Beatrice – Universität Bern
Lavie Baptiste – Université de Genève
Leleu Adrien – Unviersität Bern
Lendl Monika – Université de Genève
Leya Ingo – Universität Bern
Lovis Christophe – Université de Genève
Lovis Leonore – Universität Bern
Lozovsky Michael – Unviersität Zürich
Ma Jie – ETH Zürich
Mantel Diane – ETH Zürich
Marmier Maxime – Université de Genève
Mayer Lucio – Universität Bern
Mayor Michel – Université de Genève
Meier Tobias Gabriel – Universität Bern
Mettler Jean-Noël – ETH Zürich
Mezger Klaus – Universität Bern
Mishra Lokesh – Universität Bern
Mordasini Christoph – Universität Bern
Morris Brett – Universität Bern
Neuenschwander Benno – Universität Zürich
Nielsen Louise – Université de Genève
Otegi Jon F. – Universität Zürich
Page Françoise – Université de Genève
Patapis Polychronis – ETH Zürich
Patty Lucas – Universität Bern
Pepe Francesco – Université de Genève
Pinzon Olga – Universität Bern
Pommerol Antoine – Universität Bern
Pontelandolfo Piero – Université de Genève
Quanz Sascha – ETH Zürich
Queloz Didier – Université de Genève
Riebe My – ETH Zürich
Riesen Timm-Emanuel – Universität Bern
Rickman Emily – Université de Genève
Rüfenacht Miriam – ETH Zürich
Saesen Sophie – Université de Genève
Sankolli Valentina – Universität Bern
Schib Oliver – Universität Bern
Schmid Hans – ETH Zürich
Schnell-Schnyder Livia – Université de Genève
Schönbächler Maria – ETH Zürich
Schwarz Guido – Unviersität Bern
Ségransan Damien – Université de Genève
Sestovic Marko – Universität Bern
Shah Oliver – Universität Bern
Shibaike Yuhito – Universität Bern
Soyuer Deniz – Universität Zürich
Sosnowska Danuta – Université de Genève
Spadaccia Stefano – Unviersität Bern
Stadel Joachim – Universität Zürich
Stalport Manu – Université de Genève
Sterken Veerle – ETH Zürich
Tackley Paul – ETH Zürich
Tacoy Chantal – Université de Genève
Thomas Nicolas – Universität Bern
Tiang Meng – Universität Bern
Tschudi Christian – ETH Zürich
Turbet Martin – Université de Genève
Turner Oliver – Unviersité de Genève
Unger Nicolas – Université de Genève
Urdy Stéphane – Université de Genève
Valletta Claudio – Universität Zürich
Venturini Julia – International Space Science Institute
Vonarburg Barabara – Universität Bern
Wampfler Susanne – Universität Bern
Wang Haiyang – ETH Zürich
Wilde Suzanne – Universität Zürich
Wildi François – Université de Genève
Woo Jason – Universität Zürich

Pictures of the hotel and seminar rooms

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Eurotel Montreux
Grand-Rue 81
Montreux, Switzerland
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