National Centre of Competence in Research PlanetS
Gesellschaftsstrasse 6 | 3012 Bern | Switzerland
  +41 31 684 32 39

Haslebacher Caroline, Ms.

3.0_project, 3.4_project, Phase 3 - Domain C - Project 5, Universität Bern, Physikalisches Institut
PhD Student
3012 Bern
+41 31 684 36 21
Please give us a personal quote or a quote of a famous person (e.g. of Albert Einstein) that describes you and your life/work.
“Just because it isn’t always easy doesn’t mean you can’t do it and do it well.” (Zibi Turtle)
Please describe your job in only one sentence and tell us what the most important goal of this work is.
Investigation of endogenic and exogenic morphology and surface composition on the icy Jupiter moon Europa
How did you get into this research/work field?
I studied Physics at the University of Bern and got in touch with Astrophysicists during my Master Thesis.
What would be the greatest discovery you would like to see in your life time?
Find life on another planet than Earth.
You work for the NCCR PlanetS. What do you think will the NCCR enable you to do you couldn’t do without it?
It provides me with a network of outstanding astrophysicists and makes it easy for me to get to know them better.


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