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Four Exoplanets Postdoctoral Research Positions in Geneva

The exoplanet team[1] of the University of Geneva has an opening for 4 postdoctoral researchers to work on a range of topics related to exoplanet detection, characterization and theoretical modelling. These topics are: The detection and characterization of exoplanet systems through high-precision radial velocity measurements (2 positions) – contacts for information: Prof. François Bouchy (, […]

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Projektsekretär/in 70% (Mutterschaftsvertretung ab August 2022 bis Ende April 2023)

PlanetS ist ein Nationaler Forschungsschwerpunkt der Schweiz, der sich mit der Erforschung von Planeten befasst. Für das Projekt Office des NCCR Projektes suchen wir eine/n Projektsekretär/in 70% (Mutterschaftsvertretung ab August 2022 bis Ende April 2023). Projektsekretär/in 70% (Mutterschaftsvertretung ab August 2022 bis Ende April 2023)  Hauptaufgaben: Erledigung sämtlicher administrativer Arbeiten bei Personalanstellungen Organisation von Video- […]

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Exoplanets PhD position in Geneva for statistical analysis of transiting exoplanets

The exoplanet team of the University of Geneva has an opening for a PhD position to work on the statistical analysis of transiting exoplanet properties. The project is linked to the study of the properties of transiting exoplanets including the impact of observational biases, the correlation between exoplanets and host-stars properties, the comparison with synthetic […]

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Lehrperson Volksschule Sekundarstufe 1 (80% für drei Monate*)

Das Stellarium Gornergrat ist das erste pädagogische Teleskop in der Schweiz und in dieser Art einzigartig in Europa. Das Projekt wird von der Universität Bern geleitet und von weiteren Partnern unterstützt. Unsere Ziele sind, die Faszination für Astronomie und Weltraum zu fördern und ein pädagogisches Programm für Lernende, Lehrende, Studierende und die breite Öffentlichkeit unter […]

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Exoplanets PhD positions in Geneva

The exoplanet team of the University of Geneva has an opening for two PhD positions to work on detection and characterization of exoplanets through high-precision radial velocity measurements. Focusing on the low-mass range of exoplanets and using the high-precision spectrographs CORALIE, HARPS, HARPS-N, ESPRESSO, and NIRPS, Geneva exoplanets team is strongly involved in blind radial-velocity surveys as well as in the follow-up of transiting […]

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PhD position: Geochemical and isotopic investigations of interplanetary dust particles and micrometeorites

The Isotope Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry group ( is a vibrant, international group within the Institute of Geochemistry and Petrology, Department of Earth Sciences. We use chemical and isotopic techniques to understand natural processes on a range of temporal and spatial scales. This includes the formation of the solar system and its planets as well as […]

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PhD Position in Noble Gas Cosmochemistry

The Isotope Geochemistry Group of the Institute for Geochemistry and Petrology at the Department of Earth Sciences is offerering a PhD Position in Noble Gas Cosmochemistry. The PhD project includes cosmochemical investigations to evaluate the origin, distribution and composition of the volatile elements in the solar system. The work will focus on noble gases and their carriers in […]

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