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Brandenburg Lisa, Ms.

Center for Space and Habitability, Phase 3 - Domain C - Project 8, Universität Bern, Welcome
PhD Student
3012 Bern
+41 31 684 46 08
Please give us a personal quote or a quote of a famous person (e.g. of Albert Einstein) that describes you and your life/work.
“Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” – Arthur C. Clarke
Please describe your job in only one sentence and tell us what the most important goal of this work is.
I am working on the SenseLife project which is searching for extraterrestrial microbial life through the exploration of homochirality as a potentially universal biosignature (using spectropolarimetry).
How did you get into this research/work field?
I am a microbiologist by training, but I have always had this incredible fascination for space, wondering whether we are alone in the Universe or not. The emerging field of Astrobiology perfectly combines my education with my passion.
What would be the greatest discovery you would like to see in your life time?
That would most definitely be the discovery of extraterrestrial life – be it microbial or intelligent.
You work for the NCCR PlanetS. What do you think will the NCCR enable you to do you couldn’t do without it?
Astrobiology is, by definition, a multidisciplinary field which can only be explored with the help of experts from a variety of different fields. PlanetS is the perfect environment to get in contact with all the right people to have great discussions and collaborations.


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