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Equal Opportunity mailing lists and newsletters

There are numerous events, links and announcements related to equal opportunities, coming from each university in the NCCR PlanetS. To be informed about the ones in your geographical area, sign up to the relevant the list below. If you have favorite equal opportunity links (related to jobs, work/life balance, harassment, professional development, networking) please submit them to Dr. Nadine Afram.

Uni Bern

Uni Geneve


Uni Zurich


We also have an NCCR-specific e-mail which will provide information roughly every other month, on Equal Opportunity topics, Teaching topics and Professional Development topics. We expect to include a selection of the events most closely related to physical scientists’ interests. If you know of an event you think might be of interest to NCCR members on this list, or to be added to the list, please send an e-mail to Dr. Nadine Afram.

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