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Archive of previous job ads (do not apply)

2 Postdoctoral Associate positions on exoplanet atmospheres

Applications are invited for 2 Postdoctocal Assosiate positions at the University of Geneva (Department of Astronomy) working with Dr. Monika Lendl on exoplanet atmospheres as part of her SNF Eccellenza research group. Position 1 is focused on studying exoplanet atmospheres using space-based photometric data, obtained primarily by the CHEOPS (Characterizing Exoplanets Satellite) mission. The University […]

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PhD position – study the atmospheres of exoplanets

An SNSF funded PhD position (4 years duration) is available to study the atmospheres of exoplanets under the guidance of Dr. Graham K.H. Lee at the Center for Space and Habitability (CSH), University of Bern in Switzerland. With the onset of launch of JWST, astronomers are set to revolutionise our understanding of exoplanet atmospheres. Motivated […]

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3 PhD positions – TAPS UniBe

We are seeking qualified candidates to fill three 4-year PhD positions in exoplanet science in the research group of Yann Alibert and Willy Benz (University of Bern). The PhD positions are part of the TAPS (Theoretical Astrophysics and Planetary Science) group of the University of Bern and frequent interactions are foreseen with the Center for […]

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Laborelektroniker/-in 80%

Als universitäres Forschungsinstitut sind wir an vorderster Front in der Weltraumforschung tätig. Die Kosmochemie-Gruppe (eine Zusammenarbeit der Abteilung Weltraumforschung und Planetologie und dem Institut für Geologie) ist hauptsächlich mit der Untersuchung von Meteoriten tätig, mit dem Fokus, die Prozesse zur Bildung des Sonnensystems besser verstehen zu können. Die Hauptexpertise der Gruppe liegt in der Messung […]

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