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CHEOPS Fellowship

Switzerland has established the National Center of Competences in Research (NCCR) PlanetS with a broad scope which includes planet origin, evolution and characterisation, considering both the Solar System and exoplanets. With the CHEOPS Fellowship programme PlanetS wants to support the scientific exploitation of the ESA CHEOPS mission – the first dedicated to search for transits of exoplanets by means of ultrahigh precision photometry on bright stars already known to host planets (see

A call is open for a CHEOPS Fellowship on exoplanet data science focused on an established synergistic collaboration between the CHEOPS and TESS missions: the CHESS programme. The successful applicant while based in Bern (Switzerland) will be working at MIT to ensure the liaison between the CHEOPS and TESS teams. The CHEOPS Fellow will have expertise in exoplanet data science, including transit light-curve analysis and statistics and is also expected to conduct competitive research programmes in exoplanets on her/his own. In collaboration with the CHEOPS Science Team members, she/he will have a privileged access to the CHEOPS GTO data. A research budget of 10’000 CHF per year will be available to the Fellow to support expenses related to her/his project. The duration of the Fellowship is of 3 years. The first two are expected to be spent at MIT (with several trips to Switzerland per year) followed by 1 year in Bern. A possible extension by 1 year can be considered if appropriate.

The interested applicants, who should be less than 4 years after PhD at the beginning of the position, should present in a 2-3 page document their research interests. This document together with a summary of their past and present research, a CV (2 pages maximum), a publication list, and a cover letter including the name of three referees willing to write a support letter should be sent as a single pdf file to Mrs Janine Jungo (  before the 14.12.2018.

The starting date of the position is negotiable but preference will be given to candidates able to start as early as possible after 1.2.2019. Salaries are defined by the University of Bern and are extremely competitive.

The University of Bern is an equal opportunity employer and particularly encourages the application of young female researchers.

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