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Constraints from dynamical modelling of planetary systems

Important constraints on planet system architecture are obtained through dynamical analyses of multi-planet systems. Planet interactions during formation and long-term secular/resonant evolution, often also including dissipative processes (disc and tidal effects), shape the system on time scales from a few orbital periods up to the star’s lifetime. A correct modelling of these effects is thus mandatory for a complete understanding of planet formation and evolution, and for a sensible comparison with the actual end-state of the process provided by observations. We aim at developing an analytical framework that will allow clearly underline the effect of specific parameters on the evolution of the system, or point out the potential inter-connection between a priori unrelated parameters (physical, orbital, etc). The approach will be useful to study closely packed systems with strong planet-planet interactions, circum-binary planets, or the long-term secular evolution of multi-planet systems.

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