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KT with a short-term project

Are you postdoc or engineer, PlanetS Member or Associate? Have you developed competences or ideas that maybe applied to areas outside your specific research activities? Would you like to have a work experience outside of PlanetS in industry or in another research laboratory/institution for a limited period of time while still being employed by PlanetS or Partner Institutes?

If so, the Technology and Innovation Platform (TIP) of PlanetS can support you with an ad hoc contract between PlanetS and the external Partner of your choice with up to 3 months of financial support (salary compensation) in order to pursue your project. To be eligible, following minimum conditions must be fulfilled:

1.  You propose or you have been proposed a project

2.  You have or you have been proposed an external Partner

3.  Your project is not just a continuation of your normal work neither an internship. You expect/plan to transfer knowledge to the external Partner and develop new ‘aspects’, which would not be addressed in your normal work otherwise.

The external experience (or “externship”) is aimed at being of benefit for all the parties: You will have the chance to gain a significant and valuable experience in the private sector or another laboratory, and to expand your professional network. The external Partner will benefit from your competences and time. Your actual PlanetS employer will benefit from the gained experience. In practical terms, your contract can be frozen for the duration of the external project and will resume at the end of the mandate funded by the TIP and possible third parties.

Start watching out already now for a project of your interest and take the time to fill out the following form: Short-term project form (for collaborators of NCCR PlanetS). The TIP may provide support throughout the process and might help you finding a project if you do not already have your own.

If you are the industry or the research laboratory which would like to propose a project, please fill out the following form: Proposal of a short-term project with knowledge transfer (for the external partner).

Entries for Proposal of a short-term project with knowledge transfer

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Entry Date Name of the company/institution Title of the project Brief description of a project you would like to propose (with regard to technology transfer) Place of work
13/06/2023 at 16:38 Two Circles Applying machine learning to the sports marketing industry

The goal is to build machine learning workflows to improve clients' commercial and strategic outcomes by analysing transactional, demographic, behavioural and digital platform data. Key applications include audience segmentation for targeted marketing, predicting future transactional behaviour, analysing retention drivers and understanding the impact of match day experience factors.

Hybrid working between office and home
13/02/2023 at 16:02 NetGuardians Federated Learning for Banking Fraud Detection

The goal of this project is first to investigate if Federated Learning provides sufficient performance and is applicable to NetGuardians banking fraud detection context. In a second step, propose a Federated Learning workflow and implement a prototype in Python to demonstrate the use of Federated learning on real banking transaction datasets of various NetGuardians customers.

Yverdon & remote
13/02/2023 at 15:53 NetGuardians Explainable AI for Banking Fraud Detection

Bank analysts investigate alerts raised by NetGuardians through a Case Management system, and various dashboards. The more complex the machine learning models, the more difficult the interpretation. The goal of this project is to provide a clear explanation from a business perspective to the outcomes of its machine learning models, achieved through well chosen statistics and visualizations.

Yverdon & remote
13/01/2023 at 10:50 INAIT AI-based power price predictions

INAIT has developed a powerful forecasting engine that delivers
highly accurate predictions for the day-ahead power prices.
The goal of this project is to improve model performances in current
fast changing market conditions by:
(i) increasing model reactiveness
(ii) incorporating risk management
(iv) including probabilistic forecasting
(iii) exploring new neuroscience-inspired AI models

10/01/2023 at 16:29 Almatech SA I-HAB Meteoroid Protection Subsystem: review the environment requirements impacting thermo-optical performances

The Cislunar Gateway- International Habitat (I-HAB) is the ESA’s contribution of an infrastructure element supporting the Gateway with full crew habitability and utilization requirements from 2025. The project aims to critically review the environment requirements impacting the thermo-optical performances of the coatings used on the meteoroid protection system for I-HAB at the end-of-life (EOL).

Hybrid: Almatech office / remotely
31/10/2022 at 19:48 Dynamic Optics Development support to Adaptive Optics Systems

For the development of integrated Adaptive Optics products (targeted apertures 0.6-1.2 m telescopes), the candidate will focus on modelling Adaptive Optics systems for Astronomical, Space Situational Awareness or optical communication needs, meeting final user requirements. Hands-on experience to perform critical evaluation of the feasibility of the designs developed is appreciated.

Padua (Italy), or remotely
09/02/2022 at 06:43 Identitas AG Developing the open Animal Statistics Platform

Our open data platform, animal statistics, is growing fast. We strive to have the best quality. For this, we need to study, clean, analyse, visualise and showcase our data. The results of the project would form the basis of our revised statistics and would lead to a purification of our databases. Our analyses are used by governmental bodies, research institutions, private companies and media.

Mostly remote and Wankdorf, Berne
07/01/2021 at 17:56 Officina Stellare SpA Concept of a Lasercom ground station under strong atmospheric turbulence

In low latency lasercom,an aspect currently uncovered is the impact of the atmospheric turbulence.The maximization of the link time requires to establish highly reliable link from very low elevation angles (~5° - strong turbulence regime) and to maintain it during the satellite orbit.We want to establish a knowledge base on perturbation from atmosphere on lasercom, and on the means to overcome it.

Sarcedo (IT), Remote
27/11/2019 at 11:04 Sercalo Michrotechnologies Ltd Development of a qualification setup for micromirror

Sercalo is moving into autonomous vehicle market supplying micromirrors for beam steering in LIDAR.
This market has high reliability standards (shock, vibrations, humidity, temperature...).
Sercalo needs to further develop and automatize its testing equipment.
The person will interface with the automotive norm, micromirror production, test equipment to provide an automatized testing equipment.

Rue des Draizes 5 - Neuchâtel
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Please be aware that some of the projects listed above might not be available today, but they could give ideas for possible future projects.

In case you have any question or are interested in learning more, please contact Elena Benedetto.

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