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PlanetS General Assembly 3

23/01/2017 - 25/01/2017

The third General Assembly will again take place at the Hotel Sunstar in Grindelwald (BE) on January 23-25, 2017.


Important dates:
15.11.2016, Registration opens
14.12.2016, Registration closes
10.01.2017, Last changes can be made
23.01.2017, ~10:30 am, Start General Assembly
25.01.2017, ~4 pm, End General Assembly

Please register with this Registration Form:
>> Registration Form <<

Location- / Access plan

Hotel Sunstar Grindelwald
Dorfstrasse 168
3818 Grindelwald
P +41 33 854 77 77

The NCCR Office will cover accommodation expenses for all NCCR members.
Accommodation costs for a limited number of 40 associated members will be covered by the NCCR Academic platform (on a first come first serve basis).
Other interested persons may join the Assembly at their own costs, provided there are vacancies in the hotel (please contact Janine Jungo).

We appreciate if participants would share a room. Please indicate in the registration form with whom you would like to share a room. All double rooms have single beds.

Hotel Sunstar:
The holiday and wellness hotel is in a quiet yet central location with beautiful unspoilt panoramic views of the famous North Face of the Eiger, the Wetterhorn and First. The spacious and stylish lobby area with an open fireplace creates a lovely cosy atmosphere. The relaxed atmosphere and the gentle sound of the piano are bound to help you relax, inviting you to spend sociable and entertaining evenings there. From our light and airy half-board “Ambiance“ restaurant, you can enjoy beautiful mountain views even at breakfast, while in the evening the atmosphere is suitably romantic. Gourmets can sample delicacies from our kitchen and wine cellar in the elegant surroundings of the à la carte restaurant, the “Adlerstube“. The large and comfortable bedrooms, furnished with light wood furniture, create a cosy feeling of well-being. The Superior rooms, Junior Suites and Suites also have a balcony with stunning views of the magnificent mountains.

Wellness Oasis (included in room cost):
We have organized special opening hours outside the seminars. You are invited to bring your bathing gear and enjoy the facilities.

Regular opening hours on Sunday, 22.01.2017:
07:00 – 20:00, swimming pool and fitness centre
11:00 – 20:00, log cabin sauna, Roman baths with 4 climate zones and massage showers

Special opening hours on Monday, 23.01.2017 and Tuesday, 24.01.2017:
07:00 – 22:30, swimming pool and fitness centre
11:00 – 22:00, log cabin sauna, Roman baths with 4 climate zones and massage showers

The Wellness Oasis, with its large swimming pool, log cabin sauna, Roman baths with 4 climate zones and massage showers, is the perfect place to relax and feel great. There is a particularly wide range of sports available at the Sunstar Hotel Grindelwald, ranging from the fitness centre to aqua-gymnastics and aerobics.

Prolong your stay:
If you would like to spend the weekend before or prolong your stay at the hotel at your own cost, please contact Janine Jungo.
You can benefit from the special seminar rates below. Please note that these costs will be settled with an invoice to your private address or have to be paid upon check-out.
– Single room, breakfast included, CHF 162.-
– Double room, single use, breakfast included, CHF 192.-
– Double room, double use, breakfast included, CHF 172.- pp
– Family Suite, double use, breakfast included, CHF 182.- pp

The hotel will charge additional costs for children.
– per child older than 6 years old, CHF 50.-
– children under 6 are free of charge

Access by public transportation:
Take a train from Bern to Interlaken Ost. Change the train from Interlaken Ost to Grindelwald. From Grindelwald train station, it is only a 7 Minute walk to the Hotel.

We have reserved compartments labelled “NCCR PlanetS” for the connections below.
We have made reservations for all who have indicated that they will arrive by public transportation on Monday and leave on Wednesday. If you will not use these connections train, please inform me.
***This is only a reservation, please buy a corresponding ticket.***





If you need another connection, please check the SBB for a connection:

Access by car:
Please keep in mind that the expenses for rides with your private car will only be reimbursed (Fr. 0.60 / kilometer) if it’s cheaper than public transportation; e.g. if one participant can transport 2-3 fellow participants to the destination.

Roger Thibaut is organizing a car sharing pool. If you would like to bring along fellow participants or are looking for a ride, please fill out following doodle:

The parking outside is free-of-charge. Covered parking is available at a charge of CHF 15.00/per day.
If you prefer the covered parking, park your car in front of the Hotel and notify the personnel at the reception desk. The Hotel personnel will park the car for you.

Plan your route with Google Maps:


Please find the last version of the program here > NCCR PlanetS General Assembly – Program v5

Travel Reimbursement:

The NCCR Office will reimburse travel expenses for all NCCR members. Associated members should contact their supervisors to make sure that they will get reimbursed for their travel expenses on local level.

To make the reimbursement process easier, please submit your ticket/receipt to the respective admin person and get your refunding directly from your home institution:
EPFL Space Engineering Center (eSpace)
Candice Norhadian

ETH Zürich, Institut für Astronomie
Marianne Chiesi-Nadler

ETH Zürich, Institut für Geochemie und Petrologie
Michèle Tewlin

ETH Zürich, Institut für Geophysik
Monika Bolliger

Universität Bern, CSH Center for Space and Habitability
Irene Bütler

Universität Bern, Physikalisches Institut
Yesim Ege Vogel

Université de Genève, Departement d’Astronomie
Franca Costa

Universität Zürich, Institut für Computergestützte Wissenschaften
Suzanne Wilde

If none of these Institutions apply to you, scan and e-mail them directly to:
Yesim Ege Vogel

If you have any questions about the reimbursement, please contact:
Yesim Ege Vogel, 031 631 32 39


Prof. Stéphane Udry,
Co-Director NCCR PlanetS
Observatoire Astronomique de l’Université de Genève

PD Dr. Yann Alibert,
Scientific Officer
NCCR PlanetS, University of Bern

Janine Jungo,
Project Assistant
NCCR PlanetS, University of Bern


Afram Nadine, ETH Zürich
Alesina Fabien, Université de Genève
Alibert Yann, Universität Bern
Allart Romain, Université de Genève
Almenara José, Université de Genève
Angerhausen Daniel, Universität Bern
Avenhaus Henning, ETH Zürich
Bayliss Daniel, Université de Genève
Beck Mathias, Université de Genève
Benitez Federico, Universität Bern
Benz Willy, Universität Bern
Blind Nicolas, Université de Genève
Blum Sylviane, Universität Bern
Bouchy François, Université de Genève
Bourrier Vincent, Université de Genève
Bower Dan, ETH Zürich
Bratschi Pierre, Université de Genève
Brügger Natacha, Universität Bern
Buchschacher Nicolas, Université de Genève
Burgener Myriam, Université de Genève
Burn Remo, Universität Bern
Busemann Henner, ETH Zürich
Cersullo Federica, Université de Genève
Chau Alice, Universität Zürich
Cheetham Anthony, Université de Genève
Chiesi Marianne, ETH Zürich
Clausen Monika, Clausen & Netzwerkpartner
Coffinet Adrien, Université de Genève
Conod Uriel, Université de Genève
Costa-De Meo Franca, Université de Genève
Daemgen Sebastian, ETH Zürich
Deline Adrien, Université de Genève
Delisle Jean-Baptiste, Université de Genève
Demory Brice-Olivier, Universität Bern
Deng Hongping, Universität Zürich
Dorn Caroline, Universität Bern
Drazkowska Joanna, Universität Zürich
Drozdovskaya Maria, Universität Bern
Dumusque Xavier, Université de Genève
Ege Vogel Yesim, Universität Bern
Ehrenreich David, Université de Genève
Emsenhuber Alexandre, Universität Bern
Engler Natalia, ETH Zürich
Giles Helen, Université de Genève
Glauser Adrian, ETH Zürich
Grimm Simon, Universität Zürich
Guallini Luca, Universität Bern
Haldemann Jonas, Universität Bern
Hands Thomas, Universität Zürich
Helled Ravit, Universität Zürich
Heng Kevin, Universität Bern
Hunziker Silvan, ETH Zürich
Ivanov Anton, EPF Lausanne
Jost Bernhard, Universität Bern
Jungo Janine, Universität Bern
Jutzi Martin, Universität Bern
Kitzmann Daniel, Universität Bern
Knigge Carsten, Universität Bern
Kühn Jonas, ETH Zürich
Lavie Baptiste, Université de Genève
Leleu Adrien, Universität Bern
Leya Ingo, Universität Bern
Lichtenberg Tim, ETH Zürich
Linder Esther, Universität Bern
Lovis Christophe, Université de Genève
Lozovsky Michael, Universität Zürich
Maden Colin, ETH Zürich
Malik Matej, Universität Bern
Marleau Gabriel, Universität Bern
Marmier Maxime, Université de Genève
Marschall Raphael, Universität Bern
Martin David, Université de Genève
Mayer Lucio, Universität Zürich
Mayor Michel, Université de Genève
Mendonça João, Universität Bern
Mezger Klaus, Universität Bern
Moore Ben, Universität Zürich
Mordasini Christoph, Universität Bern
Motalebi Fatemeh, Université de Genève
Obrzud Ewelina, Université de Genève
Oreshenko Maria, Universität Bern
Ottoni Gaël, Université de Genève
Page Françoise, Université de Genève
Pepe Francesco, Université de Genève
Peretti Sébastien, Université de Genève
Pino Lorenzo, Université de Genève
Pommerol Antoine, Universität Bern
Quanz Sascha, ETH Zürich
Raimbault Manuela, Université de Genève
Reinhardt Christian, Universität Zürich
Rey Cerda Javiera, Université de Genève
Rickman Emily, Université de Genève
Riesen Timm, Universität Bern
Roger Thibaut, Université de Genève
Roloff Victoria, Universität Bern
Roth Antoine, ETH Zürich
Rüfenacht Miriam, ETH Zürich
Saesen Sophie, Université de Genève
Schib Oliver, Universität Bern
Schmid Hans Martin, ETH Zürich
Schmidt Brian, The Australian National University
Schnell-Schnyder Livia, Université de Genève
Schönbächler Maria, ETH Zürich
Schwarz Guido, Universität Bern
Senecal Luc, Universität Bern
Sestovic Marko, Universität Bern
Sosnowska Danuta, Université de Genève
Stadel Joachim, Universität Zürich
Stettler Ulrich, Universität Bern
Suarez Mascareno Alejandro, Université de Genève
Surville Clement, Universität Zürich
Swoboda David, Universität Bern
Szulágyi Judit, ETH Zürich
Tackley Paul, ETH Zürich
Taçoy Chantal, Université de Genève
Tamfal Tomas, Universität Zürich
Tewlin Michèle, ETH Zürich
Theologou Panagiotis, Universität Bern
Thiabaud Amaury, Universität Bern
Thomas Nicolas, Universität Bern
Timpe Miles, Universität Zürich
Tsai Shang-Min, Universität Bern
Tulyakov Stepan, EPF Lausanne
Udry Stéphane, Université de Genève
Venturini Julia, Universität Zürich
Vinogradova Olga, IZFG der Universität Bern
Vonarburg Barbara, Universität Bern
Wagner Frank, ETH Zürich
Wampfler Susanne, Universität Bern
Wilde Suzanne, Universität Zürich
Wildi François, Université de Genève
Wurz Peter, Universität Bern
Wyttenbach Aurélien, Université de Genève








Event Category:


PlanetS Programme Office
+41 31 684 32 39

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