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Kepler-60 is a system about 2200 light-years away in the constellation Lyra. It is made of a star a bit larger than the Sun (1.1 solar masses and 1.5 solar radii) and at least three planets.

This system is peculiar since the three planets seems to be close to a Laplace-like resonance. Indeed, when the central planet (Kepler-60 c) revolves 4 times around the star, the innermost planet (Kepler-60 b) revolves 5 times while the outermost planet (Kepler-60 d) revolves 3 times. These three planets, than are between 9.5 and 13.3 times closer to their star than the Earth from the Sun, were all three discovered in 2012 thanks to the Kepler space telescope.


Mass (MJup) Radius(RJup) Period(day) Discovery
 Kepler-60b 0.0132 0.153 7.13 2012
 Kepler-60c 0.0121 0.170 8.92 2012
 Kepler-60d 0.0131 0.178 11.90 2012


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