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47UMa, G1V, mv=5.03

47 Ursae Majoris (in short 47 UMa) is a 6-billion-year-old system 46 light-years away. The star, also named Chalawan, is similar to the Sun and can be seen with the naked eye between the Big Dipper / Plough and Leo Minor. The masses and distances to the star of the two innermost planets (47 UMa b and c, a.k.a. Taphao Thong and Taphao Kaew) make this pair comparable to Jupiter-Saturn. A third planet, 47 Uma d, was announced in 2010 but its orbit is poorly constrained (its orbital period is estimated to be between 25 and 50 years) and is therefore not represented in this animation.

Mass (MJup) Radius Period(day) Discovery
47UMa b 2.53 1078 1996
47UMa c 0.54 2391 2001
47UMa d 1.64 14002 2010


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