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Solar eclipse and «Tag der Astronomie»

On Friday, March 20th people all over Europe will have a chance to follow a partial solar eclipse. The following day, Saturday, March 21st we celebrate the «Tag der Astronomie». Both events present a great occasion for astronomy clubs to reach out to the general public and to inform about astronomy and space research and to explain how to observe the night sky from home.

More than 10 astronomy clubs belonging to the Schweizerische Astronomische Gesellschaft SAG and other organizations like the Swiss Transportation Museum and Treffpunkt ETH City are organizing public observing of the solar eclipse and are involved with other events around astronomy. They will also offer children to participate in the drawing activities to create a plaque that we plan to launch with the CHEOPS mission.

A list of events can be found on the CHEOPS website under the following link:


Solar eclipse in 2011 as seen in Israel. (Credit: נצח פרביאש)


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