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Knowledge transfer with a short-term project

Would you like to have an experience in an industry or in a research laboratory during your Phd or Postdoc? Look for the industry or laboratory which is interested in your skills and has a short-term project with a knowledge transfer and that’s all you need! The TP encourages and supports these activities with a financial help up to 3 months of your salary. You need to fulfil the following simple conditions:

  1. The project has to be both beneficial for the company and interesting for you with a knowledge transfer.
  2. You are doing your PhD or Postdoc in PlanetS;
  3. The collaborator has the necessary skills to realise the project (the time you will spend in the industry has to be of work, not of training!).


If you are the industry or in the research laboratory which would express in propose a project, please contact Piero Pontelandolfo or one of the TP team.

If you are the PhD or the Postdoc and you want to express your interest in the short-term project, please fill in the following form:

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