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PlanetS General Assembly 4

24/01/2018 - 26/01/2018

The fourth NCCR PlanetS General Assembly will take place at the Hotel Sunstar in Grindelwald (BE) on Wednesday-Friday, 24.-26.01.2018.
All NCCR members, associates and external members are invited to join. Other interested persons may join the assembly at their own costs. Please contact Janine Jungo to see if there are vacancies in the hotel.


Hotel Sunstar Grindelwald
Dorfstrasse 168
3818 Grindelwald
P +41 33 854 77 77

Registration / Important Dates

15.11.2017, Registration opens
12.12.2017, Registration closes
08.01.2018, Last changes can be made
24.01.2018, Start General Assembly
26.01.2018, End General Assembly
Please register with this Registration Form:

Cost coverage:

NCCR members:
The NCCR Head office will cover accommodation and travel expenses for all NCCR members and the Advisory board.
>Accomodation/meals: Your registration will be forwarded to the hotel, so no need to contact the hotel directly. The costs for the hotel will be charged directly to the NCCR.
>Travel: The costs for travel can be claimed at your home institution, where collective invoices for reimbursement will be issued to the NCCR Head office in Bern.

Associates/CSH Fellows:
Associates and CSH Fellows are invited to attend the General Assembly, but have to be funded on local level.
Not sure if you’re an associate? Check your status here:
> Accomodation/meals: Your registration will be forwarded to the hotel, so no need to contact the hotel directly. The costs for the hotel have to be paid directly to the hotel (please find an overview of the costs in the list below).
> Travel: The costs for travel have to be reimbursed on local level.
We recommend to contact your supervisor beforehand to verify how these costs will be funded.

Costs - Hotel & Seminarrate

 Single room
per person/night
Double room, single use
per person/night
Double room, double use
per person/night
Hotel room Day 1 (incl. breakfast/visitor's tax)
Fr. 166.70
Fr. 196.70
Fr. 176.70
Hotel room Day 2 (incl. breakfast/visitor's tax) Fr. 166.70

Fr. 196.70 Fr. 176.70
Seminarrate Day 1* Fr. 134.00
Fr. 134.00
Fr. 134.00
Seminarrate Day 2*
Fr. 127.00
Fr. 127.00
Fr. 127.00
Seminarrate Day 3*
Fr. 80.00
Fr. 80.00
Fr. 80.00
*Includes coffee breaks, lunches, dinners, water/coffee/tea at lunches, water/coffee/wine at dinners, welcome apero, seminar rooms.
TOTAL Fr. 674.40
Fr. 734.40
Fr. 694.40


Prolong your stay:
If you would like to spend the days before or prolong your stay at the hotel at your own cost, please contact seminare.grindelwald(at) and mention “PlanetS2018”.

You can benefit from the special seminar rates below. Please note that these costs have to be paid directly to the hotel:
– Single room, breakfast included, Fr. 162.- + Fr. 4.70 visitor’s tax
– Double room, single use, breakfast included, Fr. 192.- + Fr. 4.70 visitor’s tax
– Double room, double use, breakfast included, Fr. 172.- pp + Fr. 4.70 visitor’s tax
– Family Suite, double use, breakfast included, Fr. 182.- pp + Fr. 4.70 visitor’s tax

The hotel will charge additional costs for children.
– per child older than 6 years old, Fr. 50.- + Fr. 4.70 visitor’s tax
– children under 6 are free of charge


the rooms are usually ready by 15:00. Luggage can be stored in one of the Ski-rooms. If we are lucky, some rooms might be ready when you arrive.

Check-out until 11:00. You may leave luggage at the reception or in the plenum at the back.

Access plan

Access by public transportation:
Take a train from Bern to Interlaken Ost. Change the train from Interlaken Ost to Grindelwald. From Grindelwald train station, it is only a 7 Minute walk to the Hotel.
Compartments in both trains will be reserved, once we know the detailed program.

Access by car:
The parking outside is free-of-charge. Covered parking is available at a charge of CHF 15.00/per day. If you prefer the covered parking, park your car in front of the Hotel and notify the personnel at the reception desk. The Hotel personnel will park the car for you.
Please keep in mind that the expenses for rides with your private car will only be reimbursed (Fr. 0.70/ kilometer) if it’s cheaper than public transportation; e.g. if one participant can transport 2-3 fellow participants or equipment for the event to the destination.


This is only a very rough program. A more detailed program will follow soon:
PlanetS GA 4_program_v1


Prof. Stéphane Udry,
Co-Director NCCR PlanetS
Observatoire Astronomique de l’Université de Genève

PD Dr. Yann Alibert,
Scientific Officer
NCCR PlanetS, University of Bern

Janine Jungo,
Project Assistant
NCCR PlanetS, University of Bern

Participant list (as of 30.11.2017)

Fabien Alesina, Université de Genève
Yann Alibert, Universität Bern
Sylviane Blum, Universität Bern
Jean-David Bodénan, ETH Zürich
Vincent Bourrier, Université de Genève
Natacha Brügger, Universität Bern
Nicolas Buchschacher, Université de Genève
Myriam Burgener, Université de Genève
Remo Burn, Universität Bern
Julien Burnier, Université de Genève
Henner Busemann, ETH Zürich
Heather Cegla, Université de Genève
Marianne Chiesi-Nadler, ETH Zürich
Sebastian Daemgen, ETH Zürich
Hongping Deng, Universität Zürich
Leonardo Dos Santos, Université de Genève
Joanna Drazkowska, Universität Zürich
Yesim Ege Vogel, Universität Bern
David Ehrenreich, Université de Genève
Chloe Fisher, Universität Bern
Jonas Haldemann, Universität Bern
Nathan Hara, Université de Genève
Kevin Heng, Universität Bern
Martin Jutzi, Universität Bern
Daniel Kitzmann, Universität Bern
Jonas Kühn, ETH Zürich
Thibault Kuntzer, Université de Genève
Baptiste Lavie, Université de Genève
Ingo Leya, Universität Bern
Esther Linder, Universität Bern
Matej Malik, Universität Bern
Gabriel-Dominique Marleau, Universität Bern
Michel Mayor, Université de Genève
Matthias Meier, ETH Zürich
Klaus Mezger, Universität Bern
Louise Nielsen, Université de Genève
Sascha Quanz, ETH Zürich
Emily Rickman, Université de Genève
Thibaut Roger, Universität Bern
Sophie Saesen, Université de Genève
Hans Martin Schmid, ETH Zürich
Maria Schönbächler , ETH Zürich
Guido Schwarz, Universität Bern
Luc Senecal, Universität Bern
Joachim Stadel, Universität Zürich
Manu Stalport, Université de Genève
Ulrich Stettler, Universität Bern
Paul Tackley, ETH Zürich
Michèle Tewlin, ETH Zürich
Miles Timpe, Universität Zürich
Shang-Min Tsai , Universität Bern
Stéphane Udry, Université de Genève
Julia Venturini, Universität Zürich

Pictures of the hotel and seminar rooms

Hotel-Sunstar-Grindelwald-Winter-02croppedimage580380-KaffeepauseSunstarHotelGrindelwald066 croppedimage580380-SeminarhotelJungfrauSeminarGrindelwald4 croppedimage580380-SeminarraumJungfrauSeminarGrindelwald2 croppedimage580380-SeminarraumJungfrauSeminarhotelGrindelwald2

Pictures from the last assembly

More images are on Flickr



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