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"We put our eyes to the starry sky longing to arrive there, even if it is to find what is not for us, even if we have to accept the humble certainty that, in many cases, one life will not be enough to do that journey; when we put our eyes to the starry sky, I tell you, let us not forget that our feet lay on the earth, and that on earth the fate of men must occur. As a matter of humanity." José Saramago
Communication & Outreach Berne
“There are two ways to make a career: Either one really does something, or you claim to do something. I recommend the first method, because here the competition is not so big by far.” Danny Kaye, actor, singer, comedian (1911-1987)



  • Congress: Exoplanets I

    exoplanet-header-960x352July 3, 2016 - July 8, 2016

    The astronomical community is in an expansion phase of exoplanet science, especially with several Am...

    at the Davos Congress Center



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