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The most recent publications by researchers of the NCCR PlanetS:

Refereed publications

C. Lovis, I. Snellen, D. Mouillet, F. Pepe, F. Wildi, N. Astudillo-Defru, J.-L. Beuzit, X. Bonfils, A. Cheetham, U. Conod, X. Delfosse, D. Ehrenreich, P. Figueira, T. Forveille, J. Martins, S. Quanz, N.C. Santos, H.-M. Schmid, D. Ségransan and S. Udry, A&A manuscript no. proxima January 5, 2017 Atmospheric characterization of Proxima b by coupling the SPHERE high-contrast imager to the ESPRESSO spectrograph

Kervella, P., Thévenin, F., Lovis, C., Proxima’s orbit around alpha Centauri, A&A letter manuscript no. 29930JN2 2016

Boccaletti, A., Thalmann, C., Lagrange, A.-M., Janson, M., Augereau, et al., Fast-moving features in the debris disk around AU Microscopii, Nature 526, 230, 2015

Chauvin, G., Vigan, A., Bonnefoy, M., Desidera, S., Bonavita, M., et al., The VLT/NaCo Large Program to Probe the Occurrence of Exoplanets and Brown Dwarfs at Wide Orbits. II. Survey Description, Results, and Performances, A&A 573, 127, 2015

Desidera, S.; Covino, E.; Messina, S.; Carson, J., Hagelberg, J.; et al., The VLT/NaCo Large Program to Probe the Occurrence of Exoplanets and Brown Dwarfs in Wide Orbits: I-Sample Definition and Characterization, A&A, 573, 126, 2015

Janson, M., Quanz, S.P., Carson, J.C., Thalmann, C., Lafrenière, et al., High-contrast Imaging with Spitzer: Deep Observations of Vega, Fomalhaut, and ɛ Eridani, A&A 574, 120, 2015

Meshkat, T., Bonnefoy, M., Mamajek, E.E., Quanz, S.P., Chauvin, G., et al., Discovery of a Low-mass Companion to the F7V Star HD 984, MNRAS 453, 2378, 2015

Quanz, S., High-contrast Imaging Constraints on Gas Giant Planet Formation—The Herbig Ae/Be Star Opportunity, Ap&SS 357, 148, 2015

Quanz, S.P., Crossfield, I., Meyer, M.R., Schmalzl, E. & Held, J., Direct Detection of Exoplanets in the 3 – 10 Micron Range with E-ELT/METIS, J. of Astrobiology, 14, 279, 2015

Thalmann, C., Mulders, G.D., Janson, M., Olofsson, J., Benisty, M., et al., Optical Imaging Polarimetry of the LkCa 15 Protoplanetary Disk with SPHERE ZIMPOL, ApJ 808, 41, 2015

Meshkat, T., Kenworthy, M.A., Reggiani, M., Quanz, S.P., Mamajek, E.E. et al., Searching for Gas Giant Planets on Solar System Scales – a NACO/APP L’-band Survey of A- and F-type Main-sequence Stars, MNRAS 453, 2533, 2015

Zachory K. Berta-Thompson, Jonathan Irwin, David Charbonneau, Elisabeth R. Newton, Jason A. Dittmann, Nicola Astudillo-Defru, Xavier Bonfils, Michaël Gillon, Emmanuël Jehin, Antony A. Stark, Brian Stalder, Francois Bouchy, Xavier Delfosse, Thierry Forveille, Christophe Lovis, Michel Mayor, Vasco Neves, Francesco Pepe, Nuno C. Santos, Stéphane Udry & Anaël Wünsche, 2015, A rocky planet transiting a nearby low-mass star 

Heng, K., Wyttenbach, A., Lavie, B., Sing, D., Ehrenreich, D. et al., 2015, A theory for interpreting sodium lines in transmission spectra of exoplanets, submitted to ApJ Letters

Wyttenbach, A., Ehrenreich, D., Lovis, C., Udry, S. & Pepe, F., 2015 High spectral resolution detection of sodium in the atmosphere of HD189733b with the HARPS spectrograph

Ehrenreich, D., Bourrier, V., Wheatley, P. J., Lecavelier des Etangs, A., Hébrard, G. et al., 2015, A giant comet-like cloud of hydrogen escaping the warm Neptune-mass planet GJ 436b, submitted to Nature.

Dressing, C. D., Charbonneau, D., Dumusque, X., Gettel, S., Pepe, F. et al., 2015 The Mass of Kepler-93b and The Composition of Terrestrial Planets, accepted in ApJ,

Moutou, C., Lo Curto, G., Mayor, M., Bouchy, F., Benz, W. et al., 2015 The HARPS search for southern extra-solar planets XXXVI: Five new long-period giant planets and a system update

Astudillo-Defru, N., Bonfils, X., Delfosse, X., Ségransan, D., Forveille, T. et al., 2015 The HARPS search for southern extra-solar planets XXXV. Planetary systems and stellar activity of the M dwarfs GJ 3293, GJ 3341, and GJ 3543

Yoldi, Z., A. Pommerol, B. Jost, O. Poch, J. Gouman, and N. Thomas, 2015, VIS-NIR reflectance of water ice/regolith analogue
mixtures and implications for the detectability
of ice mixed within planetary regoliths 

Kenworthy, M. A. et al., Mass and period limits on the ringed companion transiting the young star J1407, MNRAS 446, 411, 2015

Bruno, G., Almenara, J.-M., Barros, S. C. C., Santerne, A., Diaz, R. F. et al., SOPHIE velocimetry of Kepler transit candidates. XIV. A joint photometric, spectroscopic, and dynamical analysis of the Kepler-117 system, A&A 573, AA124, 2015

Vanderburg, A. et al., Characterizing K2 Planet Discoveries: A super-Earth transiting the bright K-dwarf HIP 116454, ApJ 800, 59, 2015

Anderson, D. R. et al., The Well-aligned Orbit of Wasp-84b: Evidence for Disc Migration of a Hot Jupiter, ApJ 800, LL9, 2015

Amara, A., Quanz, S. P. & Akeret, J., PynPoint code for exoplanet imaging, A&C 10, 107, 2015

Pepe, F., Ehrenreich, D., & Meyer, M. R., Instrumentation for the detection and characterisation of exoplanets, Nature 513, 358, 2014

Zurlo, A. et al., Performance of the VLT Planet Finder SPHERE. I. Photometry and astrometry precision with IRDIS and IFS in laboratory, A&A 572, AA85, 2014

Lanotte, A. A. et al., A global analysis of Spitzer and new HARPS data confirms the loneliness and metal-richness of GJ 436 b, A&A 572, AA73, 2014

Neveu-VanMalle, M., Queloz, D., Anderson, D. R., Charbonnel, C., Collier Cameron, A. et al., WASP-94 A and B planets: hot-Jupiter cousins in a twin-star system, A&A 572, AA49, 2014

Bonomo, A. S., Sozzetti, A., Lovis, C., Malavolta, L., Rice, K. et al., Characterisation of the planetary system Kepler-101 with HARPS-N. A hot super-Neptune with an Earth-sized low-mass companion, A&A 572, AA2, 2014

Armstrong, D. J. et al., On the abundance of circumbinary planets, MNRAS 444, 1873, 2014

Smith, A. M. S. et al., WASP-104b and WASP-106b: two transiting hot Jupiters in 1.75-day and 9.3-day orbits, A&A 570, AA64, 2014

López-Morales, M. et al., Rossiter-McLaughlin Observations of 55 Cnc e, ApJ 792, LL31, 2014

Neves, V. et al., Metallicity of M dwarfs. IV. A high-precision [Fe/H] and Teff technique from high-resolution optical spectra for M dwarfs, A&A 568, AA121, 2014

Lendl, M. et al., WASP-117b: a 10-day-period Saturn in an eccentric and misaligned orbit, A&A 568, AA81, 2014

Alonso, R. et al., Transiting exoplanets from the CoRoT space mission. XXVI. CoRoT-24: a transiting multiplanet system, A&A 567, AA112, 2014


Submitted publications in peer-review journals

Meru, F., Quanz, S. P., Reggiani, M., Baruteau, C. & Pineda, J. E., Long-lasting dust rings in gas-rich disks: sculpting by single and multiple planets, submitted to ApJ (arXiv:1411.5366), 2015

Quanz, S. P., Amara, A., Meyer, M. R., Girard, J. H., Kenworthy, M. A. et al., Confirmation and characterization of the protoplanet HD100546 b – Direct evidence for gas giant planet formation at 50 au, submitted to ApJ (arXiv:1412.5173), 2015

Brown, D. J. A., Anderson, D. R., Armstrong, D. J., Bouchy, F., Collier Cameron, A. et al., Discovery of WASP-85Ab: a hot Jupiter in a visual binary system (arXiv:1412.7761), 2014

Hellier, C. et al., Three WASP-South transiting exoplanets: WASP-74b, WASP-83b & WASP-89b, submitted to AJ (arXiv:1410.6358), 2014

Anderson, D. R. et al., Six newly-discovered hot Jupiters transiting F/G stars: WASP-87b, WASP-108b, WASP-109b, WASP-110b, WASP-111b & WASP-112b, submitted to MNRAS (arXiv:1410.3449), 2014

Sahlmann, J., Lazorenko, P. F., Ségransan, D., Martin, E. L., Mayor, M. et al., Astrometric planet search around M8-L2 dwarfs from the ground and with Gaia, 2014

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