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Global structure of planetary systems – A statistical approach

In this sub-project we consider planetary system as a whole, and aim at predicting/understanding mean or bulk properties such as masses, orbital parameters, mean density (or total radius), mean composition (not considering the possible partitioning of elements between atmosphere and core), luminosity, etc… For this, our work is based on the development of integrated theoretical planet formation-evolution models with the aim at being able to describe the physical and chemical conditions on the surface of exoplanets. First version of these models have already been developed during the last decade. In this subproject, we will structure our work in three directions:

  1. The extension of disc models from a 1-D alpha-model (present status) to a hydrodynamical 2-D models (for the gas), and 3-D particle based models (for the planetesimals)
  2. The tracking of the composition of planetary bodies, by coupling dynamical and chemical models
  3. The study of planet-planet and star-planet interactions as well as with the environment and the determination of their consequences on system architectures.

By combining these three new research lines with already existing efforts, we will be able to predict the main bulk characteristics of planetary systems.

Figure P5

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