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Bridge – Discovery

The BRIDGE Discovery funding opportunity offers contributions to experienced researchers who are currently working on both basic and applied research, to help them realise the innovation potential of their research findings. It allows the researchers to forge ahead with their vision during the critical pre-competitive phase. It is based on a technological innovation with a strong societal or economic impact with a coverage of staff salaries as well as costs directly linked to the execution of your project.

Proof of Concept is for young experienced with the following criteria:

  • You are conducting research at a university, a Federal Institute of Technology, a University of Applied Sciences or at another research institution pursuant to the Federal Act on the Promotion of Research and Innovation.
  • You have the competence to lead a research project.
  • You submit your project as a single applicant or as a part of a small consortium of a maximum of 3 applicants.


Organisation: Innosuisse / FNS

Eligibility: Academic link required

When: Two times per year

Stage: Proof-of-concept

Max contribution cash: Up to CHF 850k for 4 years per applicant

Kind of support: Money

Link – Details




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