National Centre of Competence in Research PlanetS
Gesellschaftsstrasse 6 | CH-3012 Bern | Switzerland
  Tel. +41 (0)31 631 32 39


The Media & Outreach Team can provide the following material:


Publicity Material & Give-aways


Postcard #1 Online Links (text on back)

Postcard_Online_Front  Postcard_Online_Back
Format DinA6 (105 x 148 mm)


Postcard #2 Exoplanets (blank) 

Postcard_blank_front  Postcard_Blank_back
Format DinLang (105 x 210 mm)


Postcard #3 Telescope (blank)


Format DinLang (105 x 210 mm)


Postcard #4 CHEOPS (blank)

Format Din A5 (148 x 210 mm)


Postcard #5 Chile (blank)


Format Din A5 (148 x 210 mm)


Poster #1 TRAPPIST-1

Format B1 (70.7 x 100 cm)


Poster #2 Mars Crater

Format B1 (70.7 x 100 cm)


PlanetS Sticker

Format round (ø 98 mm)


PlanetS pin

(ø 11 mm)



(28 x 25 mm)


To order postcards and/or pins please fill out the request form.


PlanetS Roll-ups

Do you give a lecture or have an outreach event? You can lend NCCR PlanetS Roll-ups.

We can provide the following full-up designs/slogans:


Roll-up #1 Discovering


Roll-up #2 Connecting


Roll-up #3 Exploring


Roll-up #4 Birth


Roll-up #5 Impact


Roll-up #6 Water


Roll-up #7 Mapping













The roll-ups dimensions are 85 x 200 cm. They are easy to set up. Download the set up instruction. The roll-ups come in a bag so you can carry them easily.

Rollup_set_up       Rollup_Carry_Bag


To order roll-ups please fill out the request form.

Please be aware that we only have one one roll-up per design. It is possible that a roll-up is already in use.

If you are at another location than Bern we will ship it to your address. Please send your request at least 10 days in advance. 





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