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Moving to Gesellschaftstrasse 6

As you have heard, some employees of the CSH, NCCR and WP will move to a “new” building at the Gesellschaftsstrasse 6, 3012 Bern.  The plan is to move in week number 17, which is the last week of April. Please highlight this week in your calendar!

04.04.2017, choose White boards / black boards
24-26.04.2017, Hausdienst takes down white/black boards that need to be moved > Please stick a label on the white/black boards so the Hausdienst knows which ones need to be taken down
26.04.2017,  have your belongings packed and ready
27.04.2017, official moving day: 06:45: moving Parkterrasse 14 to Gesellschaftstrasse 6. ExWi moving will start immediately after Parkterrasse is completed.
June 2017, CHEOPS people move from Gesellschaftsstrasse 2  to Gesellschaftstrasse 6

White boards / black boards
Each of the new offices will either get a new magnetic Whiteboard or Blackboard, size 120x90mm. Magnetic for these boards also means that they can be moved around the office > on the metal walls.
The boards will be screwed into the walls. The caretaker who will mount the boards will stop by your offices in the next few weeks to mount the boards.

Waste disposal
While you are packing please use the opportunity to throw away what you don’t need anymore.
You can find containers for paper/card board and for office garbage at following locations:
ExWi: to dispose of paper/carton, you can find a big wooden box in front of office 125 (first floor, close to Willys office)  and a smaller box for other materials such as plastic/metal
Parkterrasse: to dispose of paper/carton use the usual container in the printer room. For other materials such as plastic/metal find a container close to the empty moving boxes.

You can pick up Moving boxes (Peyer: grean and white) and tape at following “material location”:
ExWi: in front of office 108c
Parkterrasse: in the entrance area
Specially labelled white boxes “Flachbildschirme” are for screens and PCs.
Labels for the boxes are placed next to them. Adhesive tape is also placed next to the empty boxes and should be returned there immediately for others to use! Thanks.
Label the boxes with the correct color labels (each floor has its corresponding color), your office number and your name (e.g.: EG / 003 / Zemp).

How to pack:

(Sorry – available only in German … )

(Sorry – available only in German … )














Offices: Furniture / office allocations
The offices will be set-up with a standard set of furniture / per person:
– 1 office desk
– 1 office chair
– 1 drawer cabinet under your desk
– 1 high shelf
– 1 medium shelf
– 1 phone (don’t pack your phones – you will get new ones at G6. Most of the numbers will remain the same.)
Please note that the set-up of the furniture is not set for forever. We need a set-up, so the furniture company knows how to set-up the offices. Of course you may change the set-up to your likeing, once we have all settled  in.

Bürobelegung G6

Download (PDF, 394KB)

Raumzuteilung G6

Download (PDF, 325KB)

If you have questions, please contact
Danielle Zemp, 031 631  85 34 or
Janine Jungo, 031 631 32 39

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