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Knowledge transfer with a short-term project

Looking for an external experience. (Photo Rawpixel/iStock)

Are you PhD-student, postdoc or engineer, PlanetS Member or Associate? Have you developed competences or ideas that maybe applied to areas outside your specific research activities? Would you like to have a work experience outside of PlanetS in industry or in another research laboratory/institution for a limited period of time while still being employed by PlanetS or Partner Institutes?

If so, the Technology Platform (TP) of PlanetS can support you with an ad hoc contract between PlanetS and the external Partner of your choice with up to 3 months of financial support (salary compensation) in order to pursue your project. To be eligible, following minimum conditions must be fulfilled:


The “external” experience is aimed at being of benefit for all the parties: You will have the chance to gain a significant and valuable experience in the private sector or another laboratory, and to expand your professional network. The external Partner will benefit from your competences and time. Your actual PlanetS employer will benefit from the gained experience. In practical terms, your contract can be frozen for the duration of the external project and will resume at the end of the mandate funded by the TP and possible third parties. This solution holds also for SNSF-paid PhD-students.

Start watching out already now for a project of your interest and take the time to fill in the form you can find in the TP’s section of the PlanetS Website. The TP may provide support throughout the process and might help you finding a project if you do not already have your own.

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