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In memory of Victoria Ann Roloff

On the 12 February 2018 we had to learn of the sudden and unexpected passing of our most valued friend and colleague, Victoria Ann Roloff. Inspired by the night skies, she dreamed of becoming a scientist from an early age. After a successful career at Cardiff University and the University of Surrey she joined us at the Planetary Imaging Group of the Space Research & Planetary Sciences Division at the University of Bern as a PhD student. For the past four years she has supported the team that built the CaSSIS instrument, Switzerland’s first Mars camera system.

When she joined us in Bern it was shortly before the CaSSIS team had to deliver the STM to the Spacecraft. As this was a very busy period for everyone involved and there was not much time for any coaching and getting into things slowly, she was thrown in at the deep end of the pool but caught up fast. The incredible task at hand was shooting a camera to Mars and she was in the middle of it all. Vicky was a perfect example of how your work is so much nicer and fulfilling when you love it. She was in there with all her heart. Her unconditional optimism and “Everything will be fine” attitude was infectious and brought light into the gloomier moments.

Vicky touched our hearts with her British humour and uplifting personality. We miss her deeply as the professional scientist and dear friend she was to us. Our thoughts are with her family and friends. (Raphael Marschall)



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