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About micro-sexism and work-life balance

An alternative to work. (Photo sborisov)

“At the weekend, only do what you want to do. That can be work, sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be”

By Nadine Afram

In online interviews (SurveyMonkey) with 5 international female professors in (Astro-) Physics, I wanted to know about, e.g. their experiences with work-life balance, the (least) favorite parts of their jobs, their experience with and advice on how to react to (micro-) sexism at the working place and other things.

Having mentors or supportive colleagues and being involved in high-profile projects were mainly named as boosters for a career. When it comes to skills that the professors thought were very valuable for their current position, people skills (communication and management) and teaching come up in most responses. Work-life balance is dealt with very differently and according to individual needs and priorities. All of the 5 professors have experienced some form of discrimination or (micro-) sexism during their career and their reactions vary.

Here are the responses in detail (with the most common response, if applicable):

Download (PDF, 152KB)

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