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Facebook experiences

By Carsten Knigge

After having launched the PlanetS Facebook profile last April and hence six months of running time so far, certain impressions and experiences shall be shared here with the PlanetS community.

After certain technical difficulties in the beginning, the submission process by means of a dedicated form seems to work smoothly. The language mix which had been worried about in the beginning, doesn’t seem to raise major problems and makes the profile appearing not only international, but creative.

FacebookThe general initial goal of two posts per day in average hasn’t been achieved yet; we even experience certain days with no new post. However, the overall performance of the Facebook profile looks nice and well-balanced. Hence, we don’t want to push increasing the number of posts.

What can be said is, that a considerable low number of authors prepares the majority of posts, while the majority of authors from the once appointed authors’ pool contributes only little or even nothing. We appreciate the great effort of the busy authors. As for those who are doing less, we’ve asked them for feedback about what eventually prevents them from contributing.

The Facebook “currency” are the “likes”. The more likes a Facebook post gains, the more people are interested in what is posted there, and share it – and vice versa. Up to now, PlanetS has got 230 likes – a rather mediocre value. Right now, the Facebook task force is considering and evaluating ways to promote the profile or single posts, with the purpose of increasing the number of likes.

We’ve found out that, in average, 150-200 Facebook users are reached by one post; i.e. they actively open the posts. Most of the users do so in the mornings and in the evenings – we’ve discovered two business peaks around 9 am and 9 pm. Out of this, we try to schedule our posts accordingly.

It is evident, that posts with PlanetS-specific and/ or personalized content do have the highest coverage. The variety of topics is considerably large, including even comics and other funny posts which seem to be highly liked by the public. We permanently try to improve the offer in form and content.

At the next General Assembly in January 2017 at Grindelwald, we again will have a kind of Facebook workshop – from authors for authors. The exact concept has to be thought about, but we intend to let the authors share and exchange experiences and even attract new authors.


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