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Preparing the site visit

This year the visit of the expert panel mandated by the SNSF will be held at the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Geneva, co-leading house of the NCCR PlanetS, on 24 and 25 May 2016.

The Geneva Observatory in Versoix (Image: Observatoire de Genève)

The Geneva Observatory in Versoix (Image: Observatoire de Genève)

The first day will begin with the annual report of the Director and will be followed by presentations of scientific advances within the seven NCCR projects involving some of our young people. Presentations will occupy us until mid afternoon. Then the panel members and the Executive Board of PlanetS will be invited on a tour of the new observatory building, clean room included. The rest of the afternoon will be devoted to discussions between panel members and our young colleagues around their own posters. Progress of CHEOPS and DACE platforms will occupy the last time slot of the afternoon.
The morning of Wednesday, the 25th will provide an opportunity for leaders of the different platforms to present the new set up in the year before, giving way to representatives of the two universities who will discuss the longer term prospects related to the NCCR. Finally, panel members will gather to deliver their comments and offer their recommendations in early afternoon, signifying the end of the visit.

Transport network
A taxi and minibus will be provided for members of the panel review. For members of the NCCR arriving by train a minibus service will operate between the Versoix Station and the observatory at the beginning and end of the day.

The list and abstracts (with title and co-authors) must be submitted at least one week in advance (May 17 deadline).

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