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Facebook author’s workshop

On Tuesday, March 22nd, nine young scientists together with the PlanetS communication team discussed about the new PlanetS Facebook profile. The official launch of the Facebook page will be on Monday, April 18th 2016.

Altogether twelve volunteers from our Zürich, Geneva, and Bern sub-projects will continuously produce and submit new Facebook posts, covering several aspects and news from the PlanetS research network, and planetary science in general. During the workshop held at Bern, various technical and organizational issues were discussed about lively. After a short introduction and information about rather administrative and coordinative aspects, the group dived into technical aspects. E.g., the question of post languages was raised. As a highlight, each participant could submit a post hands-on via the online submission form. This form was currently updated during the session, following the discussion inputs. Towards the end of the three hours session, the enthusiastic team decided on April 18 being the date of the official launch of the Facebook page.

Although the official launch of the Facebook page is set for Monday, April 18, the communication team already built the page and posted several news. You can find it under the following link:

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